Avicii & Nicky Romero, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Nobody likes EDM more than Framed -- you knew that, right? -- and nobody does EDM like this week's guest artists, Avicii and Nicky Romero.  Although they're not even Americans -- Avicii's Swedish and Nicky is Dutch --  they've taken the dance world by storm.  Their much-anticipated year-end release, "I Could Be The One," this week's video (formerly called "Nicktim"), has been well-received wherever EDM fans meet to discuss EDM.

And the video is just as good as the song!  Maybe even better!  In it, a schlumpy woman lives out her days as an office drudge, only to be liberated by the power of her own imagination.  That's because life is magically fair and good, readers.

Or is it?  You're going to want to stay with this video till the very end, folks.  You'll certainly thank Avicii, Nicky, Framed, and your lucky stars after enjoying this week's vid and our very, very funny captions.

See you next week!

1 --  Now that Yahoo! Accounts Payable had conquered the concept of a "spreadsheet," what would be next?

2 --  "Can't you at least try to build a house of cards on my palm?  As a metaphor for Framed, if nothing else?"

3 --  "Why, no... I haven't seen his month's issue of Beautiful Hair Parts For Beautiful Women."

4 --  In fact, she did like to ride on his beautiful balloon!

5 --  And next, mammy promise t'cook some short' nin' bread!

6 --  "Why?  Because I look like I eat salads?"

7 --  "... I remember that hateful people tried to discourage me from becoming a rock critic.  I do remember that."

8 -- Yes, Virginia, there is a Rotund-O!

9 --  "I told you Fuzzy World was a real place.  Pay up, dudes!"

10 --  "You mean Dave DiMartino's got a 'business' card?  Go on!"

11 --  It's no fun when gravity goes the other way!

12 -- "Will -- bur!"