Avery * Sunshine Goes Psycho In ‘Thriller’-like ‘Ugly Part Of Me’ Video

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Soul singer Avery * Sunshine's video for her heartfelt jazzy ballad "Ugly Part Of Me" is possibly the best visual adaptation of a song. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who berates her boyfriend and then tries to make amends.

The video opens with the couple having dinner in a nice restaurant. When her boyfriend, played by Lil John Roberts, appears to be preparing to propose but instead pulls out his cell phone to take a call during their romantic dinner, Avery loses it. Though the video doesn't capture the audio of her rant, the shock on the faces of Lil John and the other restaurant patrons makes it clear that Avery has gotten indecent.

Avery's transformation into a woman gone mad is hilarious and horrific, comparable to Michael Jackson's alter-ego from the "Thriller" video.

A terrified Lil John abruptly gets up from the table, runs to his car and speeds home to hide under his covers.

Everyone who comes in contact with Avery over the next few hours sees the aftermath of her wrath and avoids her. No taxi will stop to pick her up and people on the subway distance themselves.

The solitude gives her some time to consider how she could have handled things differently.

Watch the video to see how the story pans out.

This is deserving of an MTV VMA.