Atlas Genius: No Shrugging Here

Dave DiMartino
The New Now (NEW)

One of the year’s best and most warmly received bands to showcase at this year’s South By Southwest fest was Atlas Genius—a refreshingly melodic combo from Adelaide, South Australia featuring brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery and keyboardist Darren Sell.

On the cutting edge of how bands can break big these days, the group swiftly rose to the greater public’s attention via a song—“Trojans”—which became something of a sensation upon being featured on a blog (in this case Neon Gold)—and only then came to sign a a record deal. When it became obvious that Atlas Genius had much more going for them then a single catchy song, the group was signed Stateside to Warner Brothers Records, and the buzz has since continued—first via their Through The Glass EP and now their surprisingly substantial debut album, When It Was Now.

Y! Music captured a session and interview in Austin earlier this month that was noteworthy not just for the fine music performed but for the high number of people who wandered in to watch: Word had gotten out among SXSW attendees, and the band is already making big noise.

Check out the songs and interview from Austin below--and keep an eye out for band, who’ll be touring the States through June.