The Astronomical Kid Returns! Listen To Astro’s “Dead Beat”

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Astro, aka Brian Bradley, aka "The X Factor" Season 1's Astronomical Kid, first made a splash rapping about his mother, when he auditioned last year with his instantly viral hit, "Stop Looking At My Mom." And now the seventh-place "X Factor" finalist, who's currently signed to L.A Reid's Epic Records, is back with another old-skool-style potential hit that boasts a parental theme. But while "Stop Looking" celebrated Astro's mom's gawkable beauty, "Dead Beat" is a much darker, much less celebratory song, all about an absentee dad.

The track samples a Notorious B.I.G. vocal and the drumbeat from Jade's 1992 hit "Don't Walk Away," but Astro's definitely the star of the show here, spitting the kind of classic storytelling rhymes not usually heard in today's vapid party rap. Yes, I know Astro has his haters, but I am not among them. I think "Dead Beat" is a killer jam, and I also think Astro is a total star. The Kid's got the X factor, for sure.

Have a listen:

What do you think of Astro's new track?

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