Armada Of Fools

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As election season approaches I've starting thinking of appropriate playlists, and the first song title that popped into my head was "Ship Of Fools". It seems that every election season some musician publicly announces their disdain for a politician who dared use a song without permission during a campaign event.

Wouldn't a playlist of songs titled "Ship Of Fools" be perfect for a political event?

The allegory, "ship of fools" has a long history in literature. Before the days of the automobile, train and airplane the main transportation for covering long distances was the boat. And piloting a ship is dangerous business for those that do not know what they're doing. In medieval times, the image of a group of deranged people on a ship came to represent people who followed the crowd, oblivious to their direction, and to danger.

The allegory of the ship of fools has continued in modern culture, and songwriters have embraced it. This playlist includes 14 songs all titled "Ship Of Fools", and I must say it's a pretty fine list!

What would you add to this armada of fools?

Armada Of Fools

1. Ship Of Fools - World Party

2. Ship Of Fools - Robert Plant

3. Ship Of Fools - Grateful Dead

4. Ship Of Fools - The Doors

5. Ship Of Fools - Doves

6. Ship Of Fools - f*cked Up

7. Ship Of Fools - Soul Asylum

8. Ship Of Fools - Scorpions

9. Ship Of Fools - The Residents

10. Ship Of Fools - Erasure

11. Ship Of Fools - Gong

12. Ship Of Fools - Van Der Graaf Generator

13. Ship Of Fools - John Cale

14. Ship Of Fools - Ron Sexsmith

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