Andrew WK Breaks Drumming Record With 24 Hours of Straight Playing

Jon Wiederhorn
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By Jon Wiederhorn

Is there any way to poop on Andrew WK’s party? Just 15 hours after breaking the world’s record for the longest in-store drumming session – 24 hours straight at Oakley in Times Square, New York – the party-loving rocker tweeted to his fans from the airport.

"Feeling sore but stoked," he noted. "On my way to play a show tonight at Majestic Detroit for a skateboard party!"

Andrew WK started his drum marathon at 7 p.m. Wednesday night and finished last night, exhausted, but exhilarated. "WE DID IT!!! 24 HOURS OF DRUMMING!!!" he tweeted. "Remember... I didn't do it, WE did it. You were with me every beat. I feel very emotional and party."

Enthusiastic supporters including the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith, ex-Ramone Marky Ramone, actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and ?uestlove sat in with the energetic songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and party connoisseur during his marathon.

Throughout the day, Andrew WK paced himself, playing light snare hits and featherweight cymbal taps that hissed like a deflating tire between more voluble volleys, but aside from the five minute breaks he took every hour, he didn't miss a beat. However, he said he "hit a wall" around the 14th hour and struggled for the next three hours. "I’ve felt a lot worse," he told NME at the 17-hour mark. "It definitely all feels much better than I thought it would."

The 24-hour drumming challenge was a part of Viacom’s O Music Awards. Last year during the Awards, the Flaming Lips set the world record for the most multi-city live gigs in 24 hours. The band played eight shows across the Mississippi Delta, beating Jay-Z’s 2006 record of seven shows from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

When asked why he took on the drumming challenge, Andrew WK said without breaking character that he did it "for the fun of partying -- to spread the gospel of party fun."

And a good time was had by all.