Amy Winehouse’s Dad Disses Beyonce’s Cover of ‘Back to Black’ for Great Gatsby Soundtrack

Jon Wiederhorn
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By Jon Wiederhorn

The father of the late English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse is unimpressed by Beyoncé and Andre 3000’s cover of her song "Back to Black," which will appear on the soundtrack to "The Great Gatsby."

In an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Mitch Winehouse was critical of Beyoncé’s delivery. "I don’t think she brings anything to it," he said.

Winehouse, a London taxi driver, said he was never asked for permission for Beyoncé and OutKast member Andre 3000 to cover "Back to Black," but was paid "a lot of money" for the recording rights. "They have got to pay for the privilege, which is what they are doing," he said.

In a tweet posted later, Winehouse backtracked on his comments to the Daily Mail, perhaps aware he was biting the hand that feeds: "I like Beyoncé's cover and have no probs. monies received will help lots of kids. She can do another cover if she wants. We need the money!"

"Back to Black" is one highlight of the star-studded soundtrack, which comes out May 7 and includes the new Jay-Z song "$100 Bill" as well as songs by Jack White,, Nero, Gotye, Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Rey and others.

Mitch Winehouse isn’t the first public figure to criticize a song Beyoncé has covered. Soul legend Etta James had some choice words for the chanteuse after the star sang James’ “At Last” at Obama’s 2009 inauguration ball at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle.