American Idol, The Day After: Top 2 Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez faced off in the final battle for the Season 11 "American Idol" title. And while it still seems like P-Squared will triumph this season--thanks in no small part to the far superior coronation song that, fairly or not, he got to perform in Tuesday's pimp spot--Jessica's fanbase is fiercely devoted, so it's quite possible that she will prevail instead, in what would be an historic victory for the show. Either way, it's going to be VERY close, and VERY exciting, and no matter who wins, there will be some fans out there who'll be VERY upset.

This is what an "Idol" finale should be all about, people! Excitement! Suspense! Controversy! So my "The Day After" co-host Matt Whitfield and I are definitely psyched about tonight's big reveal. Are you? Feel free to chime in with your own pre-finale thoughts and predictions on the message board below.

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