American Idol, The Day After: Top 10 Girls Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, the "American Idol" top 10 girls competed on the first entirely live episode of Season 12, and of course, chaos ensued. Yup, you gotta love live TV. From Nicki Minaj's weird remarks to the ladies (she called Kree Harrison her "wife" and complimented Tenna Torres's "boobs") to Zoanette Johnson's bizarre (even by Zoanette standards) opening performance, there was plenty of unscripted silliness. But when it came to the other nine performances, it really was just typical "Idol" fare: lots of good singing, but not a lot of personality.

Still, there were more than enough girls (at least seven) who gave performances worthy of advancing to the overall top it'll be interesting to see which five make the cut, in the first public vote of the season. Check out the latest "The Day After" chatfest below, in which me and my esteemed Yahoo! colleague Matt Whitfield dish about all 10 Tuesday performances and try to predict which girls will get through on Thursday's big live results show.

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