American Idol, The Day After: Long Beach/San Antonio Auditions Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, "American Idol" moved on to Strong Beach and San Antonio, where the focus was thankfully on the contestants, not the judges. It seems that after a shaky (and icky) start, Season 12 is finally moving in the right direction. Did Nigel Lythgoe listen to my advice, and the advice of my "The Day After" co-host Matt Whitfield, and re-edit this season to include less feuding? Sure, we'd like to think so. Thanks, @dizzyfeet!

So today, Matt and I discuss last night's standout singers--including a familiar face, Matheus Fernandes, who was a top 12 finalist on one of our other favorite shows, "The Glee Project." Check out our chat in our latest video, and feel free to chime in on the message board below!

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