American Idol, The Day After: Baton Rouge Auditions Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Last night, "American Idol" went to Baton Rouge for a blissfully feud-free episode focused entirely on the contestants, not the judges, for a change. How refreshing! Of course, I instantly fell in love with quirky redheaded misfit Charlie Askew (I am so predictable, aren't I?), but in general, I was overall impressed by the diverse array of talent that Mariah, Nicki, Keith, and Randy found in Louisiana.

Today, my "The Day After" co-host Matt Whitfield and I discuss last night's auditioners, plus we go off-topic a few times (clowns, white jeans, and "The Glee Project" are discussed, for instance), and we nearly get into a Nicki/Mariah-style skirmish before we air-kiss and make up. Good times. Enjoy our latest chatfest, and feel free to chime in on the message board below!

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