Will.I.Am Would Head to Las Vegas With Britney Spears

Jenny Depper
Stop The Presses!

Will.i.am is definitely a good friend and collaborator!

The 38-year-old popstar, who produced Britney Spears's saucy new music video 'Work B**ch,' told Yahoo Music that if the blond babe needs him to hit the stage with her during her residency at Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, all she needs to do is call.

"I'll be there, whatever she needs from me, I'll be there," the Black Eyed Peas frotman dished to us at the Global Citizens Music Festival on Saturday.

Will.i.am also teamed up with the "Toxic" singer on her comeback hit "Scream & Shout" and says her upcoming eighth studio album is going to rock. "The album is crazy," he gushed as he heaped praise on their new video. "The video is really sick. 'Work b**ch,' well that's the s**t."

Spears's album hits shelves December 3, which also marks the same month her Las Vegas stint will begin.

While will.i.am claims he'd have no problem heading to the desert to give Brit a hand, it isn't the only thing at the top of his To Do list these days. The seven-time Grammy Award winner, who launched his sustainable product line EKOCYCLE in 2012, and released the line's most recent product — a suit from the H Brothers made entirely out of plastic bottles —shared that he's been extremely focused on his sustainable brand and philanthropy.

"Music is cool, but I don't want to be 70 years old and talking about 'Let's Get It Started.' Hopefully I've started something by then."

In fact, he'd like to be remembered for his contributions to society, not just his music. "I like the word legacy or legend or legendary because it has the word leg in it. Legs are something you stand on, or the things you stood for, or remain once you've passed," he reflected. "I would like the things to stand to be my philanthropy ... and EKOCYCLE and sustainability."

Well, one thing is for sure: While he has definitely made an impact on the world with his EKOCYCLE efforts, he'll also be remembered for bringing Britney back to her glory days, complete with a kickin' music video filled with her signature dance moves.

Thanks, Will.