Too Funny: Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman Replace Mumford & Sons In New Video

Paul Rosales
Stop The Presses!

Viewers may notice Mumford & Sons look a little off in their latest video for "Hopeless Wanderer." That's because the band has been replaced by none other that some of our favorite comedic actors Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Will Forte and Forte's scraggly Amish beard for a light-hearted parody of the Grammy-winning band in their most recent official video.

In its first few moments, the music video for Mumford and Sons’ “Hopeless Wanderer” has all the qualities you’ve come to expect from the roots revival group: vested outfits, lens flare, and a green field backdrop. And about a minute into the clip, the flagrant use of these idiosyncrasies goes overboard with images of twisted boots walking along a dirt road and way too many stringed instruments slung around the band’s shoulders.

The camera cuts away to reveal the group, but that’s not Marcus Mumford -- it’s Jason Sudeikis playing the band leader, accompanied by fellow actors Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, and Will Forte.

Before long, Bateman and Helms share a tender moment before the chorus kicks in. The actors look deep into each other’s eyes, singing, and quivering their lips to an exaggerated degree. The overall caricature is spot on, even down to Mumford’s signature earrings..

The intensity boils over as Forte can barely contain his sweat and tears. His faux-band mates huddle over to console him. Bateman proceeds to lick the tears he had just wiped away, but Sudeikis goes one step further with a Saturday Night Live-style make out with Forte.

And cue the awesome banjo solo scene, as the group changes wardrobe for something between barbershop quartet and vaudeville. They even do well with the little bit of choreography in the scene, shaking their hips and doing a couple twirls.

Next we see the comedic troupe winding down their performance in a bar, drinking and chanting the titular lyrics. With a slow-motion toast that turns the mugs into glass shards, the video takes a turn for the absurd -- if it wasn’t absurd already -- with Bateman’s burning finger-picking to complete destruction of instruments. Sudeikis kicks in a drum and smashes his guitar as Forte swings his bass to annihilate the row of banjos on standby.

Although the tone of “Hopeless Wanderer” is more serious in its constant yearning, the playful spoof offers a refreshing take on the band’s musical maturity. If you’re not already privy to the world of Mumford, this is a great place to start.

Watch the entire video below: