Alicia Keys Brings An Unexpected Guest To The VMAs: Her Toddler Son, Egypt

Suzy Byrne
Stop The Presses!

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz made the MTV Video Music Awards a family affair, bringing their son, Egypt — who will be 2 in October — to the Staples Center for the show. While it sure made for some cute photos — Egypt on the stage! Egypt hugging Mommy after her performance! — some viewers were surprised to see the little guy there since the VMAs aren't exactly a family-friendly affair.

During Thursday night's show, Keys and Beatz had Egypt, who was sucking a pacifier, plopped on their laps while Pink performed her new song "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)."  The little guy was without noise-blocking earphones, so let's hope mom covered his ears (especially when Pink sang some of the song's curse words).

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Egypt's attendance at the show didn't go unnoticed — especially on Twitter. "Alicia Keys is bringing her son to the award show with a pacifier in his mouth? Errr ever heard of a nanny?" tweeted @siSipELebe during the show. @cailynjoyce expressed a similar sentiment, writing, "Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats son is addddooorrable but ya couldn't spring for a sitter??" But those comments were outnumbered by fans who loved seeing the "cute," "sweet" baby in the audience. "The best thing about Alicia Keys performance was seeing her son!" posted @Mitchell Rossee.

And, um, Keys even got requests to have children for people. One of those came from @WhoSFlyy__, who wrote: "Just want Alicia Keys to give birth to my 1st born son.. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?"

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Egypt wasn't the only little one at the show. In our story 2012 MTV VMAs: Moments the Cameras Missed, we remarked that "the often bawdy VMAs were an incredibly family-friendly affair this year." In addition to Keys' son, there were "several young kids (we're talking way younger than teenage, more like barely past toddler age) dancing in the aisles to the likes of Katy Perry and Pink." Also of note, the show ended at 7 p.m. — still in time for an early bedtime.

As for what Beatz and Keys think of the Twitter chatter about their son's attendance, it seems unlikely they would care. A short while after the show ended, Beatz tweeted a photo of Egypt on stage along with the caption, "Yaaaaaaa my mommy Rocked it. and if you don't like it kiss my old pamper."

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