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There are two different international airport code systems. One is the IATA three letter airport code, and the other is the IACO four letter airport code. Most people are familiar with the more public IATA code. Some airport codes are instantly recognizable, like Boston's Logan International (BOS) or Philadelphia International (PHL). But others are more hard to determine. For example, Chicago's O'Hare International's code is ORD. This is due to the airport being built in the same location as the Orchard Place aircraft factory, so ORD is short for ORcharD.

Another odd airport code is Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International airport, which has an airport code of YYZ. The code comes from old weather and navigational codes. This is the most famous airport code in rock history thanks to the Canadian prog rock trio Rush, who named their most famous instrumental composition "YYZ".

For this playlist I've pulled together songs that use an airport code in the song title.

What would you add?

Airport Code Songs

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