The Aftermath Presents: Dee-1′s Top 3 Rappers With Legacies

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Fast-rising New Orleans rapper Dee-1 stopped by Yahoo! to knock out a top 3 list with Soren Baker and me for The Aftermath Presents. The "Jay 50 Weezy" MC based his list on the Top 3 Rappers With Legacies.

I don't think anyone can argue with his selections that include Chuck D, Will Smith, and Master P.

Dee-1 said he considers Chuck D one of the most influential rappers because he is "bold in his message and his music." He credited Will Smith, the former DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince rapper, for successfully making a transition from hip-hop to Hollywood, saying, "He's one of the few black actors who can make a phone call and make a movie happen." And being from Louisiana, Dee-1 said he had a personal connection with Master P. "What he did for New Orleans hip-hop and the whole No Limit movement is it gave us an identity nationwide," he said. Check out the discussion.

Additionally, Dee-1 is making moves outside of music. The political activist has been helping promote voting. While in Los Angeles he visited the New Millennium barbershop for a Barack Talk 2012 segment, an effort in conjunction with the League Of Young Voters, Rock The Vote, and