The Aftermath: Jay Sean Avoided Making ‘Neon’ An EDM Album

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Have you ever noticed that many songs on the radio sound alike? Jay Sean has and decided to take a different approach when recording his fourth album, Neon, released Tuesday.

"In 10 years time this is going to sound completely dated if I go with all the sounds and cool stuff on radio right now," the British singer told Yahoo! Music.

Instead, he simply strived to make good, organic music. "How about doing what the greats did? How about you concentrate on writing really strong, beautiful music that's not dependent on what's the latest coolest, electronic sound is," he said.

Since becoming a pop star in the U.S. following the release of his 2009 album All Or Nothing that contained his No. 1 hit "Down," Jay Sean has had an opportunity to meet some of the greats who influenced him – Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight and Mary J. Blige.

"Not only have I met these people who influenced me, I've worked with some of them," he said, referring to doing a concert with Boyz II Men and recording a song with Mary J. These dream-come-true opportunities affirm that his career is moving in the right direction.

In discussing Neon, the Cash Money Records also explained what prompted the album's several delays, how the hindrances actually helped make the final product better and the meaning behind the illuminating title.

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