Adele Has Clever Method Of Camoflauge: Wear Bright Colors

Wendy Geller
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We've all heard of counter-intuitive advice that sounds strange but actually works--such as turning your steering wheel in the direction of a skid. Superstar vocalist Adele has her own tip in this arena. Namely, when the high-profile celebrity wants to go out unnoticed, she dresses in bright colors!

Recognizing that she's known for her all-black wardrobe, the British singer told Today's Matt Lauer that she decided to try a different approach during an outing in tourist-packed Trafalgar Square one Saturday afternoon. Instead of changing out of the colorful pajamas she'd been working in, she made up her mind to simply go with them...and see what happened.

"I threw pumps on; this massive green coat and then little pink pumps," she explained.

It worked: "Nobody recognized me."

One couple did do a double-take, Adele admitted. "But they were like, 'No, she's in color...And what would she be doing walking through a packed Trafalgar Square on a Saturday?'"

Adele--who will appear in her first network special, NBC's Adele Live in London, next month--told Lauer that she doesn't want to be a celebrity, and doesn't care to be in people's faces all the time. "I just wanna make music," she noted. "All I ever wanted to do was sing."

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