Adam Lambert Debuts New Song, New Look at Life Ball

Lyndsey Parker
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Saturday night in Vienna, Austria, Glamerican Idol Adam Lambert performed at the Life Ball — Europe's biggest fundraiser for HIV and AIDS causes — rocking not just a new song, but an exotic new look.

Adam's Ali Baba-inspired, over-the-top opening performance (for such illustrious spectators as Bill Clinton and Elton John) featured a troupe of 40 shirtless dancing thieves. But of course Adam was the one who really stole the show, taking the Hofburg Palace stage resplendent in a brocade, genie-style outfit and matching jeweled turban.

[Is Adam granting me three wishes here? Okay then, here goes, Adam: 1) Please be the next "American Idol" judge, 2) Please put out a new album within the next year, 3) Please sell sequined turbans at the merch booth on your next tour.]

Perhaps more exciting than Adam's sparkling ensemble was the fact that he sang a sparkling new song, "Love Wins Over Glamour," written especially for the Life Ball event, which had a "1001 Nights" theme this year. The title was ironic, considering how lavishly glamorous this concert was, but the song's universal message came through loud and clear. The song was written by the Beat4Feet Music production team of Martin Gellner and Werner Stranka, with lyrics by Martin, Werner, and Adam.

Check out the performance below (contains explicit language):

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