Adam Lambert’s Blonde Ambition: His Most Dramatic ‘Do Yet!

Lyndsey Parker
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More than three years after his season of "American Idol" ended, Adam Lambert's hair, both on his head and on his face, remains the hot topic of much online debate. Elvis hair or emo hair? Blue Manic Panic stripe or Vanilla Ice stripes? Clip-on ponytail or no? Goatee or beard-free? There was even one time when he tweeted a pic of the side of his head freshly shaved, and Twitter basically exploded. Well, the engineers over at Twitter better have some backup servers in place, just in case, now that the forever-shapeshifting Glamerican Idol has just tweeted another photo of what may be his most extreme follicle makeover yet.

Yes, that's right: Adam Lambert (who is a natural redhead, actually) has ditched his trademark blue-black locks and gone super-bleached Blondie-blonde. If you believe the old adage that couples start to look alike after a while, then maybe this glam new 'do was inspired by Adam's Finnish boyfriend of almost two years, Sauli Koskinen, who also sports a severe platinum coif. Or maybe Adam has been listening to a lot of Depeche Mode lately, and is going through a Martin Gore phase. Who knows how the mysterious mind of Glambert works, beneath that headline-making head of hair of his.

"You ask Why? Why not? ;) change is good," was Adam's only explanation for his peroxide-shocked new look. Okay, then.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the platinum Adam--it's such a dramatic change from his signature gothic look--but hey, at least the guy always keeps things interesting! I just want to know how he managed to bleach out all that black dye without his hair breaking off in clumps. Whatever conditioner he is using, my thirsty split ends need some, stat.

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