8 Weird Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Music-Obsessed Giftee

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gift-giving, especially if you’re like me who always waits ‘til the last minute (I swear this year I’ll get a head start!). While tons of people will post lists of cool, gadgety, box set-y things to get for you fave music fan this year, we’ve gathered eight weird and wild gifts that will make your lucky giftee freak—in both good and bad ways.

DJ Cat Scratching Pad – Thank you internet. Shaped just like a turntable complete with clever stickers, the cardboard “DJ Felix” record will give your cat a few minutes of claw sharpening pleasure, while giving cat owners hours of “awws”, YouTube video-taking and Instagramming. Admit it; this is really more a gift for the owner than it is for the cat. And the description is a real urbandictionary.com workout: “Kitty is mad pumped to kick it behind the wheels of steel and throw down a dope set of old skool joints, yo! Designed in London, the Cat Scratching Pad enables your furry homeslice to spin some phat, chillout beatz with hella catitude.” Felix da Housecat must be sick of getting these sent to him. $35.00, Uncommongoods.com

Daft Punk Helmet Beanie – Not gonna lie, I almost bought this for myself. Los Angeles has officially reached a blistering 60 degrees, so I’ve got bundling up accessories on the mind. I’ve seen a lot of crazy crocheted things in my life, but this meticulous recreation of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk's helmet takes the cake and smashes it! The visor, buttons, even the wires in the back are included in perfect color coordination. I’m dying, I’m dead, this person is a genius. $45.00 on Etsy.com

Kanye West's Favorite 18k Gold and Gems Skull Statue – Kanyeezy handed out these things out like fruitcakes this year, wrapping one up for BFF Jay-Z on Father’s Day and one for girlfriend Kim Kardashian just ‘cause. Sure, gold and jewels totally rule, but when it’s in a form that you can’t wear, eat or utilize in some way other than sitting on a mantle, it’s not really the best $34,000 spent. It would be awesome if it were a mic like I thought at first glance! Makers Lions & Sons offered their "Divora" skull statues in a variety of gem and gold combinations, but their website is currently down. Perhaps West already bought them out! $34,000, Lionsandsons.com (currently down)

Bad Taste Bears Lady Blah Blah Meat Dress Statue – WTF? Um, no. $29.99 AU, Ebay.com

Inflatable iMusic Chair – Manufacturers are strapping speakers to everything nowadays. But as a big advocate of naps, I wholly approve of this odd combination. The inflatable chair allows you to connect an MP3 player to speakers that flank a comfy-looking headrest and has a pocket to hold your player too. Drifting off to sleep while listening to your favorite Enya or Rammstein album and sitting on air? Not bad for 35 clams. It’s funny how staying awake while listening to music in this chair just isn’t an option to me. Only naps. And no, genius, don’t use it in a pool... although how amazing would that be? $34.99, Thinkgeek.com

Guitar Pee Urinal – Not even kidding, Billboard Brasil invented a urinal that allows you to guitar solo during your solo time. Whip out your whammy bar and aim for the wires extending over the bowl (is it called a bowl? Guys? Anyone?) to play some epic riffs. Turn a natural hindrance into a headbanger!  When you're done, the Guitar Pee will give you a number readout to enter into their mobile website where you can download an "MPee3" of what you just played. Send your demo to Nickelback! This is technically not a gift idea, as the Guitar Pee hasn't been produced for sale, but consider this an endorsement for investors to start! Check out the video to see the priceless faces of utterly delighted Guitar Pee users. Don't worry, it's safe for work. Otherwise, I'm in trouble. Priceless, Guitarpee.com

One Direction Body Pillows – Nooooooooooooooo. It’s one thing to have One Direction t-shirts, posters, binders and so forth, but something that you can wrap your arms and legs around, possibly at the same time is just too creepy. Remember that episode of 30 Rock when James Franco married his Japanese anime body pillow? Yeah, we see something like that happening. $35.99, Ebay.com

Justin Bieber’s Robotic Arm – JUSTIN BIEBER’S ROBOTIC ARM, PEOPLE! Saving the best for last, someone actually made a hand-crafted recreation of the steampunk style robot arm the Biebs wore in his 2011 “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” music video. Apparently Justin lost his right forearm in a gruesome North Pole workshop accident. Perfect for the holidays! It’s even made by a wonderful Etsy-er from his home country of Canada. The arm is actually pretty sweet: vegan leather, embedded vintage watch, real metal elements, and an LED light that freakin’ works! Plus, 20% of the $1,700 Canadian-dollar price tag will be donated to a local animal shelter. Help animals while giving the gift of quite possibly the strangest and coolest piece of Justin Bieber memorabilia ever! $1,741.27, Etsy.com

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