8 Things You Didn’t See at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Breanne Heldman
Stop The Presses!

We know you were screaming when 'N Sync took the stage and scratching your heads as you watched Miley Cyrus twerk up a storm, but what didn't you see at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?

A whole lot, it turns out.

In addition to all the tales of stage failures, we witnessed a few impressive, even shoe-flying dance moments, a little snuggle sesh between a possible couple to watch, and even an A-list accidental diss.

Without further ado, here's what we saw from inside Brooklyn's Barclays Center Sunday night.

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt leaves Justin Timberlake hanging.
After that killer performance that clocked in at over 15 minutes, there's no question it was J.T.'s night, but apparently not everyone was waiting to shake his hand. After Joseph Gordon-Levitt announced the winner for Best Video – in an uncomfortably odd manner, we might add – we watched as he tried to find a place to stand so he wasn't in the frame as the "Mirrors" crooner accepted the award. Things got even more awkward when Justin finished – he turned around with his hand reaching out to shake Joseph's, but the "Don Jon" actor had already made a beeline off the stage. Oops.

2. Do we have a new couple on our hands?
After introducing the teaser trailer for "Divergent" with Theo James during the pre-show, Shailene Woodley sat down next to "The Spectacular Now" co-star Miles Teller (who also happens to be in "Divergent"). Typically, this wouldn't mean much of anything – actors are often seated next to their co-stars at awards shows – but we watched as the two rising stars took turns wrapping their arms around each other's shoulders and cracking each other up. While all that might be nothing, it was definitely cute.

3. Rihanna is unimpressed with pretty much everything.
The "Diamonds" singer fast became the meme-worthy McKayla Maroney – or the Tommy Lee Jones – of this awards ceremony. No matter what was happening on stage or around her, she sat stiffly still with a frown on her face. OK, there's one big exception: Even she couldn't sit still for Justin Timberlake's performance.

4. Justin Timberlake inspires a whole lotta shaking.
Rihanna wasn't the only one. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, along with "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland and her "Vampire Academy" co-star Zoey Deutch, might have been the first people out of their seats in the entire Barclays Center as J.T. (and 'N Sync!) took the stage, and Sarah just never stopped dancing for the rest of the night. Shailene Woodley got in on the action, even ripping off her shoes in true Shai form. Lady Gaga also got to her feet during the performance, but saved the jumping and wild gestures for when the "Sexy Back" singer actually got his award.

5. Drake is the most popular guy in school.
We've always thought Drake had no shortage of charm, but who knew the stars would be lining up for a hug and a handshake?! During every commercial break, no less than three stars would vie for his attention. From Taylor Swift and Willow Smith to Machine Gun Kelly and Denise Vasi, everyone wanted to experience his greatness … or at least his cologne.

6. Taylor Swift cheers for One Direction's big win...
She may have hurled another diss Harry Styles's way when she accepted her award for Best Female Video, but T.Swift was all ears when it came to hearing her ex-BF receive his award along with the One Direction crew. The star clapped politely (but more enthusiastically than anyone else in her row, which included Lady Gaga) and leaned forward to hear what he had to say. Was she expecting him to sling one right back at her? C'mon Tay, that's not 1D's style!

7. ... But plenty don't cheer for it.
In fact, we only heard boos once all night … and it was when One Direction won for Best Song of the Summer. Sorry, ladies. And, no, we weren't sitting behind Billy Ray Cyrus either.

8. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis stick to their word.
On Friday, Drake told MTV he'd be willing to fork over some cold, hard cash to own one of the new KAWS-designed Moonman trophies. "I might have to tell Macklemore like, 'Yo, I'll buy that trophy off of you,' if he beats me," he said. Macklemore responded with a price: $200 million Canadian dollars, and apparently he meant it. "We have to contractually sell one to Drake. For 2 million Canadian dollars," Macklemore said in the press room when asked what he'd be doing with his prize. We're glad the price went down, but something tells us the Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Video With a Social Message winners aren't really going to sell. Sorry, Drake, we guess you'll just have to live with the Mr. Popularity title.

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