8 Shocking Eminem Music Video Moments

Stop The Presses!

The official music video for Eminem's new single "Berzerk" premiered September 9 and its visuals are just as raucous as the track's gritty heavy metal hook. As per usual, the blogosphere's abuzz about the video - largely in part to some A-list cameos. After all, what would a clip from America's angriest MC be without the chatter surrounding it? In honor of the inevitable success of "Berzerk" we're looking back on eight moments from past Eminem music videos guilty of causing a stir.

8. "My Name Is" (1999)

The video for one of Eminem's earliest singles demonstrated to 1999 audiences exactly what they were in for. At the time, the lethal lyricist was relatively new to the scene and made sure one of his first big impressions was at the pinnacle of political incorrectness. He sported a gray wig and suit to portray a twisted version of former Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton in the video for "My Name Is."

7. "Berzerk" (2013)

Rapper Kendrick Lamar seems to be the king of hip-hop controversy as of late, so it was a fun and shocking surprise to watch his assertive cameo in Eminem's most recent video. This shot gets us thinking - now that Eminem's back with a vengeance - is there a merciless collab between the two in the cards?

6. "My Band" (2004)

This single from Eminem's rap-group D12 featured an outro we'll always remember as all kinds of naughty hilariousness. It's hard to forget how well Em rocked that handlebar 'stache as a member of a mariachi band with some uber-powerful "salsa."

5. "Love The Way You Lie" (2010)

The video for Eminem's emotional single with Rihanna grabbed attention in 2010 for its intense depictions of domestic violence. Not only was the clip charged by heavy visuals, it also carried star power. Dominic Monaghan of Lost and bombshell Megan Fox portrayed the troubled couple. 

4. "A-- Like That" (2004)

Eminem's no stranger to a good ol' ego-slinging hip-hop beef, but perhaps one of his most memorable feuds was with a canine puppet. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog appeared on the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards to spew venom at Em, and of course the rapper wasn't having it.

3. "Just Lose It" (2005)

His 2005 clip for quirky dance floor smash "Just Lose It" was chock full of controversial impersonations from Eminem. Among the music video sideshow of sorts, Em posed as Pee Wee Herman and a crassly represented Michael Jackson.

2. "We Made You" (2009)

His clip for "We Made You" was yet another sideshow of sorts for Eminem's many celebrity personalities - the most memorable of which was his glammed-out portrayal of hair band-er Bret Michaels. Em extended his blonde locks and made love to the camera in a massive white cowboy hat to parody the reality series rocker.

1. "The Real Slim Shady" (2000)

The music video for this legendary track set a precedent for many Em clips to come. To describe this video as unconventional was an understatement. Audiences weren't sure how to handle a hip-hop artist who seemed comfortable with dressing in drag (as Britney Spears, no less) and spitting rhymes in the middle of a psych ward.