7 Ways Linda Hogan Seduced The Pool Guy in Rap Video

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Hip-Hop Media Training

Ricky Romance likes women with experience.

In his new song and video "MILF," he puts the moves on Linda Hogan, reality TV star and ex-wife of famed wrestler Hulk Hogan.

In the song, Ricky fawns over an older woman. In the video, he dreams about being a pool guy for a sexy middle-aged woman who invites him inside her house for some overtime.

On the catchy hip hop and R&B track featuring Ray Lavendar, sings about his attraction to a mature woman. "She done left the kids at home. She's down at the club," he sings. "She about 35. But she get low, low like she about 25."

After watching the video, I came up with seven ways Miss Linda seduced Ricky:

She Wore A Teeny Weeny Bikini Linda may be the mother of two adult children, but she is exercising her right to wear a two-piece leopard print bikini as opposed to something as boring as one piece.

She Had Good Snacks Women looking for younger men should consider taking a peanut butter and jelly sandwich making class with Chef Hogan. She knows that food is indeed the way to a man's heart.

She Knew His Favorite Drink Everybody knows that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches taste the best with a cold glass of milk.

She Modeled For Him Since Ricky Romance liked bikini No. 1 so much, she decided to have a wardrobe change for happy hour.

She Got Bubbly What better way to watch the sunset than with a boo thang and two chilled glasses of champagne.

She Sunbathed Since Ricky is portraying a pool guy, it only makes sense that he'd get to rub some sun block on his hot mama.

Whatever you do, don't tweet this link to Hulk Hogan.

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