7 Musical Marriages That (Sort of) Worked

Gil Kaufman
Yahoo Music

We recently told you that marrying or dating your bandmate can end in personal disaster, even as it leads you to musical gold. But hope springs eternal, so in honor of Valentine's Day, here's a list of musical couples that not only made it work (at least for a good long while), but also made beautiful music together.

7. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

For 35 years the union of the Man in Black and June, a member of country music's first family, was one a shining example of a musical marriage that worked on every level. Yes, as we saw in "Walk the Line," Johnny had his troubles, but when the two — who died within months of each other in 2003 — got together, their chemistry was undeniable.

6. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

For contemporary country fans, Faith and Tim are the June and Johnny of the new millennium. The pinup-worthy duo met on the aptly named Spontaneous Combustion tour in 1996 and married shortly after the outing ended. The pair has since continued to tour together and record such smash duets as "It's Your Love" and "Let's Make Love." It's all love for these two, despite tabloid rumors to the contrary.

5. The White Stripes

Yes, technically, Jack and Meg White are no longer together. (Just get over that whole brother-sister thing — it was a joke, OK?) But the oddball divorced Detroit duo managed to rise above it and make some of the most electrifying music of the modern era. It just goes to show ya: Love fades, but rock 'n' roll is forever.

4. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

One could argue that this couple was arguably the most destructive, worst thing to happen to rock in the 1990s. The volatile grunge get-together didn't result in any actual joint musical projects (unless you believe the urban myth that Cobain wrote some, or all, of Hole's "Live Through This" album), but their scorched-earth rock 'n' roll circus act is one for the ages.

3. Jay Z and Beyoncé

As evidenced by their recent red-hot Grammy performance, these two make beautifully funky music together. That's what happens when you take one of the world's most famous rappers and put the diva of the decade in his passenger seat.

2. Sonic Youth

Together almost as long as their band made a joyfully cathartic noise, guitarist-singer Thurston Moore and bassist-singer Kim Gordon tied the knot in 1984 and managed to keep rocking for 27 years after that. The leading couple of indie rock appeared to have found a balance between creating messily abstract music together and keeping their home life from falling apart… until 2011, when they announced their shocking personal and professional split.

1. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Some might quibble about the "beautiful music" part in the case of the late Beatle and his avant art wife, but regardless of whether you consider Ono's birdlike warbling over Lennon's dulcet tones to be pleasant, these two released nearly a half-dozen albums together and served as mutual inspirations for such classic songs as "Give Peace a Chance," "Instant Karma," "Woman," and "Watching the Wheels."