5 Things That Made Us :), :D, and :’) at Coachella 2013 Sunday, Weekend 2

Tiffany Lee
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We did it kids, Coachella 2013 is a wrap! There's a certain well-deserved satisfaction that comes with deleting the Coachella app from your phone. The last night of the desert music bender didn't lose a bit of momentum despite the surely burned and beaten crowds. As myself, your faceless Weekend 2 narrator, my rubber legs were given a break once I finally figured out the golf cart situation backstage.

Weekend 2's Sunday highlights were once again Tanlines' Brooklyn beats, Tame Impala's swaying rock, La Roux's heat-seeking dance tunes, and more from the deliciously sinister Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (accompanied by a children's chorus whom likely has no idea who he is). Everyone I saw was in top shape, surely correcting errors and adding flairs after last weekend's performances. But oh, the hologram jokes ran rampant during onstage banter. Note to Coachella 2014: It's over.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers deserve a shout-out since the usually music-discerning Coachella crowd came out in hoards to the main stage, singing along to every song. They are likely the most commercial act to ever headline the festival, and as much as I want to stick my nose up at the band as a music writer, I couldn't help but realize that I, too, knew all the words. Plus, Anthony Kiedis was wearing a hat with punk super group Off!, so that was pretty cool.

Well party people, slather on some aloe, pop some aspirin, and check out some moments that made us smile, stoked, and shed a tear of happiness at Weekend 2, Sunday!

5. Hanni El Khatib Is Worth Fighting That Hangover


Hardcore Coachella attendees were handsomely rewarded by grease-rocker Hanni El Khatib on Sunday at his gruelingly early 1:20pm slot. The retro wake-up call left people yearning for tattooed pin-ups and vintage motorcycles as the oh-so-slick singer-songwriter fused pretty much every well-dressed movement in rock from blues to garage to Americana. From the bad-boy roots of "Family" to his current sugary radio staple "Penny" (actually that song really annoys me, but it's great live), El Khatib gave early birds good reason to boast to their hungover friends back at the hotel. With his latest record produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, you know whatever happens to Hanni El Khatib will be a rager.

4. JEFF The Brotherhood Is Your New Favorite Rock Band


Nashville rockers JEFF the Brotherhood brought a little taste of what people on acid used to freak out to decades ago (instead of the rave tent nowadays) with their blend of indie and summer psych at the Outdoor stage. Started by brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall, Jamin being an alumnus of garage punk band Be Your Own Pet, the quartet rocked on with not one, but two clear guitars and gave the crowd a sweet shred-fest with Jake playing in the crowd with those kickass Hawaiian shorts. Gotta love a band that sounds great and doesn't care about being cool. There's a reason The Make-Up singer Ian Svenonius name-checked the Brotherhood during his set on Saturday: These dudes are what party rocking was meant to be.

3. The Lumineers Shine Brighter Than the Coachella Sun


There's something to be said about watching a group of utterly thankful people living their dreams. That was the case with Grammy-nominees the Lumineers when they were more excited than the audience to grace the main stage with their infectious jangle-pop. Seeing the same expanse of elated faces that the Lumineers were seeing, even the most black-hearted of us (and it gets pretty dark, believe me) shed the black leather and spikes for just a moment to revel in the warm glow. Musicians: They sell sex, they sell style, they sell drama, they sell death, they sell highs; but when the Lumineers launched into their breakout single "Ho, Hey", throwing their fists in the air as the huge crowd sang along, they had no fantasy to sell -- only real sweetness and light to give. And give and give and give.

4. RZA and a "Sexy Lady" Crash James Blake's Set


Breaking the spell cast over James Blake's audience, Wu-Tang's own RZA popped out during the British mood-wave crooner's set, snapping everyone out of their trance and stirring them into a tizzy. The two performed their sensual stalker collab "Take A Fall For Me" with the help of a lyric sheet and RZA's awkward pre-selected lady. Doesn't help to have RZA yelling "I need you like I need satisfaction" at you while trying to look sexy on stage. Special guests isn't Weekend 2 bread and butter, but considering RZA was just a golf cart ride away, there was no excuse for him to not stop by.

5. Father John Misty's Coachella PSA


The swaggering rants of Joshua Tillman, a.k.a. Father John Misty, alone are worth seeing him perform. One part Jim Morrison, one part Vincent Gallo, all parts soaked in sarcasm, the Father's set of mushroom trip-inspired songs straddled the line between raving madman and utter genius. With his beer hall hip shimmies, lounge singer smoke breaks, and the charisma of a 60s cult leader, his fusion of folk, blues, and psychedelia was like a soundtrack to a Kerouac-ian bar hop through California's ghost towns. But of all the smirking wisdom Tillman imparted Sunday night, the most valuable -- at least to the Coachella crowd -- went something like, "If you're a girl wearing a floral headband, or a fringe-y, hippie dress, don't go walking around making this face":

He went on to improvise a conversation between a your classic annoying Coachella valley girl and her BFF DiGiorno that, as an L.A. native myself who sees those chicks every day, was so on point. Thank you Father. Thank you.

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