4 Little Things To Expect From One Direction’s iHeartRadio Album Release Party

Lyndsey Parker
Yahoo Music

The midnight (or midday) memories will surely last a lifetime for the lucky Directioners who got the chance to attend One Direction's intimate iHeartRadio Album Release Party on Friday afternoon. Shot at the 450-capacity iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank and streaming on Yahoo Screen this coming Monday, Nov. 25 (the release date of 1D's third album, Midnight Memories), the concert gave howling fans and their only slightly less vocal parents a rare up-close glimpse at the biggest boy band on the planet.

Contest-winners queued up in rather English drizzly weather for hours to see Britain's sweethearts, screaming before the doors even cracked open at 1:30pm; by the time fans were allowed inside, their excitement had reached a fever pitch, with even an onstage sighting of Niall Horan's guitar tech setting off a fresh wave of eardrum-shattering screams throughout the crowd. And when the actual 1D boys finally hit the stage at 2pm, the shrieking practically grew loud enough to entirely drown out the boys' six numbers and between-song Q&A with host Ryan Seacrest.

But thankfully, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis were heard above the din. Here are four things to expect from the show when it hits Yahoo Screen on Monday:

1. There will be beatboxing. And rapping.

Who knew 1D's Liam Payne was a human drum machine? During "Little Things," Liam showed off his funky-fresh beatboxing skillz; Ryan Seacrest was so impressed, he later asked Liam to lay down a beat while he freestyled a bit of Young MC's "Bust a Move." OK, smarty, this was a party.

2. There will be some totally awesome '80s references.

Probably only the parents in attendance recognized Young MC's 1989 hit, or picked up on the fact that the title track to Midnight Memories sounded uncannily like Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (in the best possible way, of course). But even the toddlers in the audience seemed to cheer approvingly when Zayn Malik revealed that his fiancée, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, wants Journey's Steve Perry to sing at their wedding. Don't stop believin', Zayn. If there was ever a good reason for Steve to come out of retirement, that would be it.

3. Parents will become honorary Directioners.

Contrary to what that "Bored Dads at One Direction concerts" viral slideshow might've had us believe, the parents inside the iHeartRadio Theater actually appeared to be having a good time — most of them even passing on the option to hang out in a roped-off "parents' area" upstairs and standing on the floor with their squeeing offspring instead. Was it the pleasingly Leppardian "Midnight Memories" or Mumfordian "Story of My Life" that captivated the over-35 crowd? Whatever it was, there were even "four dads in the back of the room who knew all the words and were singing along," as Ryan Seacrest joked. Uh-oh. Those dads are going to be pretty embarrassed when that footage ends up on Yahoo Screen this Monday.

4. There will be celebrity worship.

Steve Perry wasn't the only celebrity name-drop during the hour-long show. When asked by Ryan about their celebrity crushes, Niall confessed that he'd like to go out with Kate Beckinsale, while Harry Styles, proving he does not have a type, named the very un-Taylor-Swift-like Rihanna as his dream date. Harry also offered up an odd anecdote involving Johnny Depp and some stolen soap. You'll just have to wait till Monday to get the full scoop on that one.

To see One Direction perform songs from their new album Midnight Memories and other favorites, tune in to Yahoo Screen on Monday, Nov. 25 starting at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern.

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