3 DIY Halloween Costumes of Music Stars—Who Are NOT Miley Cyrus

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

So Halloween weekend #1 has passed, and you're feeling the huge weight of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) after seeing costumes clog your social media feeds. But don't worry, it's not too late. The scariest holiday of the year (besides Valentine's Day) is just getting warmed up as parties continue throughout the next seven days. To spread some more crafty love this year, I'm adding a few more Halloween tutorials to our DIY costume archive!

We here at Yahoo Music are taking the charge against Miley Cyrus costumes, as it is already the most obvious and popular costume of the year. Don't want to be caught with the same costume as ten other girls/boys! So we're giving some love to music stars who were having a stellar year for many reasons—until the Twerk-aggeddon came along.

Re-iterating last year's mantra: My goal for these costumes were to be cheap as possible, completed under an hour, and avoids Halloween-specific shops or costume stores at all costs to save you the last-minute shopping riots. Most of the materials are things you probably already have around the house, or could easily "borrow" from friends, family members, work offices, dumpsters and what have you cost-free.

So get ready to get glue-y, glittery and gorgeous with three more penny-pinching costumes of music stars (who are NOT Miley Cyrus)!

1. Daft Punk Circa "Random Access Memories"

Not only did iconic French DJ-bots Daft Punk get a sound overhaul on their latest album, but they got some fresh duds as well. Ditching the leather motorcycle jackets and pants they've had forever, designer Hedi Slimane (who is also responsible for their leather gear) updated the duo with some slick sequin suits for 2013. With all the fanfare that surrounded the release of their first album in eight years (not including "TRON"), it seemed that people forgot about "Get Lucky" once "Blurred Lines" and "We Can't Stop" started ruling the summer airways. But unlike many, Daft Punk will be forever saved in our cold, digital hearts.

What you need:

- Black blazer, or closest thing you can get to a tuxedo jacket (Salvation Army, $8.95)

- Silver or black glitter spray paint (Michaels, $3.95)

- Black gloves (Jo-Ann Fabrics, $1)

- Aluminum foil

- Scissors

- Computer printer

- Stapler or 2 brads

- Strong glue (fabric glue, Jo-Ann Fabrics, $3.99)

- Black button-down collared shirt

- Black tie

- Black pants

- Black leather shoes

- Silver chain necklace

- Paper clip

- Paper robot helmets!

How to make:

Step 1: Helmets. We have a few options for you that will necessitate some paper cutting skills and nimble fingers.

Step 1A: Here are some hi-res scans of a paper Daft Punk split-style helmet that came straight from Columbia Records as part of their "Random Access Memories" promotional materials. It doesn't get any more official than this! I've even gone as far as to Photoshop the pattern so you can have an all gold or all silver helmet if you've got a costume buddy. Click on the links below, then right-click (or control-click) the images and "Save As":

Click here to download Gold Helmet pattern.

Click here to download Silver Helmet pattern.

Click here to download Combo Helmet pattern.

Click here to download assembly directions.

Step 1B: You can use an at-home computer printer, which will print the pattern out on several sheets of paper. It's up to you to staple/glue the pieces together like a puzzle before the arduous task of cutting it out and assembling. The part that requires the white plastic snaps (you'll see when you download directions), you can replace the white snaps with brads or just staple that section together. You could also head to a professional printer like Kinkos/FedEx Office to print out a full-sized version, but that takes more time and money that we'd like.

Step 1C: If you don't mind getting unofficial, here is a great paper Daft Punk helmet tutorial that is much easier.

Step 2: While you're figuring out your helmet stuff, take your black jacket outside for glittering. Make sure to put newspaper under the jacket to avoid having a sparkly yard. Spray the jacket front and back as much as you'd like, but leave the lapels alone. Do spray the collar. The glitter spray I purchased actually crapped out on me (won’t be the case for everyone), so I improvised by using spray adhesive and eyelash glitter.

Step 3: Allow jacket to dry at least a few hours. Be sure to keep the jacket in the trunk if you're getting in a car, as it will leave sticky glitter all over the place!

Step 4: Cut out aluminum foil in little squares for the fingers of your black gloves, and one big roundish piece for the back of your hand. Carefully glue the pieces on and let them dry for a few hours as well. You can also cut pieces of silver duct tape or metallic silver adhesive paper to nix the gluing.

Step 5: Take a paper clip and bend into a triangle shape. String on silver necklace chain. If you already have a triangle-y pendant, even better!

Step 6: Once your helmet is complete and jacket/gloves are completely dry, put the rest of your costume on.

Step 7: REVEL.

Time to create: 2-3 hours labor, 3-4 hours drying.

Cost: $17.89

2. Lady Gaga from her "Applause" single cover

If we had to choose one person who has suffered the most from Miley Cyrus, it would be Lady Gaga. Even a bare-butt flash on national television couldn't get her enough attention to compete with Cyrus's VMAs performance this year. Whether her artistry is getting too abstract for the masses, or the public is just tiring of her antics, she's not quite the alluring Lady she used to be. Nonetheless, her "Applause" single and music video provides fun and easy costume template that will keep the wearer a heck of a lot warmer during a chilly October night than anyone in a Miley costume. Plus, there is practically no pre-prep needed. Take that!

What you need:

- White and color face paint kit (Target, $7)

- Black long sleeve turtle neck

- Black leggings

- Black tights

- A white flat sheet

- The highest heels you can manage

How to make:

Step 1: Put on turtleneck BEFORE you start your makeup.

Step 2: Apply white face paint to entire face, lips and eyebrows and all.

Step 3: Tie your hair back in a low bun (if needed) and put black stockings on head like a do-rag. Tuck your hair under and wrap the leg parts around your bun or into it’s own bun and tuck under as well.

Watch a quickie Instagram video on how to do your Lady Gaga face paint in 15 seconds!

Step 4: Apply insanely thick amounts of colored face paint around eyes and lips. Black on the eyelids, blue around the eyes, green over the eyebrows and red and yellow over the lips. Really pile that stuff on!

Step 5: SMEAR. Smear your eye paint down the sides of your face and your lips across to one side.

Step 6: Put on heels and throw the white sheet over yourself and you're done! When you're out, be sure to flail the sheet around dramatically, particularly at anyone dressed as Miley Cyrus. Eat sheet, Miley!

Time to create: Maybe 20 minutes tops?

Cost: $7!

3. Mariah Carey—with her dislocated shoulder!

Oh Mimi, how we love you so. Mariah Carey knew how to turn an injury into a style opportunity when she dislocated her shoulder after a tumble over the summer. Not to shirk her diva duties, she debuted several glammed-out arm slings starting with the MLB All-Stars Charity Concert in July. It was a move for the fashion history books, and we're immortalizing the look this Halloween.

What you need:

- Long white tank dress (T-Shirt Warehouse, $12)

- White fun fur, about 1/2 yard (Jo-Ann Fabrics, $8)

- Lots of white rhinestones of any shape/size (local bead stores, $6)

- Fabric glue (Michaels, $3.99)

- Scissors

- Stapler

- Heels

- Opulent jewelry

How to make:

Step 1: Put cardboard or any kind of white paper inside the dress so the glue won't stick the fabric together.

Step 2: Starting gluing rhinestones on like crazy, in any pattern you choose. The more the better!

Step 3: Let glue sit for at least 12 hours. 24 would be preferable, but I know a lot of us ain't got no time for that.

Step 4: Fold fur in half so the fuzzy part is on the inside. Trace out the size of your arm in an oblong L shape.

Step 5: Cut out the L shape, leaving some extra room around the edges in case you make a mistake.

Step 6: Staple along the bottom edge and the curved edge, leaving only the top arm hole and hand holes open. Staple a LOT.

Step 7: Carefully turn the arm sling inside out, trim the arm and hand holes as needed.

Step 8: Once enough drying time has passed, carefully peel the rhinestones off the paper inside your dress and put it on (mind the hair and makeup!). Pair with some stiletto heels and the sparkliest jewelry you have. Slip on the arm sleeve.

Step 9: Glam up! Go for a shimmery dark brown eyeshadow, simple eyebrows, nude or light pink lip and big big big hair. Don't forget the mole on the left side of your lip.

Optional: You can have a matching strap for your sling to make it look injury-licious, but not necessary. You can also use leftover rhinestones to fashion a glittering mic out of a toilet paper roll and some crumpled paper if you want to go all the way.

Time to create: 1 hour crafting, 12 hours drying time, 1 hour glamming.

Cost: $29.99

Go forth my crafty friends with your newly-acquired Halloween costume ideas. If you’re still on the lookout, check out some of my DIY costume tutorials from last year for eight more:

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Have a spooky and safe Halloween y'all!

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