2013 Idol Tour Rehearsal Interview: Paul Jolley

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Yahoo! Music's Reality Rocks recently stopped by the Season 12 Idols' secret rehearsal space in Los Angeles to chat with the contestants about the upcoming American Idol Live! tour, which kicks off July 19.

There at rehearsals, ninth-place finalist Paul Jolley dished on what he's got planned for his set, along with tidbits about trying to learn dance steps from Justin Bieber's choreographer; his late-night solo rehearsal sessions in his hotel room; the feedback he received from the "Idol" judges about how he shouldn't sing country (and if he'd ever consider going pop); and why he thinks America didn't really get to see his true personality when he was on "Idol."

Check out what Paul had to say, and be sure to come back Friday, July 19, when the Idols take over Yahoo! Music's Instagram as they kick off their tour!

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