The 2013 American Music Awards: Mysteries Solved

Wendy Geller
Yahoo Music

If you weren't blinded by Taylor Swift's dazzling gold dress, ROLF-ing over Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's hysterical duet, or struck senseless by Ariana Grande's breakout performance, you may have found yourself wondering about a few mystery rumors floating around at the 2013 American Music Awards. At every major show, there's always a few loose ends that need to be tied up, and we at Yahoo Music are happy to connect the dots for you at this particular event. Let's take a look at the night's chatter that could use a bit more explanation!

Was Miley Cyrus's sister really at the show? And if so, what was she doing there?

Yup. That was indeed Cyrus's older sister Brandi (Cyrus also has a younger sister, Noah, as well as two brothers), who was there interviewing stars on the red carpet for SPIN. Although Brandi may be a totally new face for many viewers, the eldest Cyrus daughter actually is a musician like her sister, dad (Billy Ray Cyrus), and brother (Trace Cyrus). She's in the pop duo Frank + Derol, which released an EP on major label Interscope in late 2012. Like the entire Cyrus clan, she appeared in solidarity with her most famous sibling, showing up in an all-white outfit that mirrored Miley's (relatively) demure white pantsuit nicely.

Okay, just what was Justin Timberlake saying to Taylor Swift when he accepted his award for Pop/Rock Male of the Year?

Mr. Timberlake is a total gentleman, girls. Although he took his time getting to the stage and acted a bit like a fanboy on the way, it turns out he told Swift "You look amazing," which — considering Swift's aforementioned short-short gilded frock — was nothing short of the truth. Despite a bit of kerfluffle on Twitter about standing too close to the famously love-lorn Swift, as well as what he actually said to his friend, as usual JT displayed suit-and-tie-worthy class.

Was anything cut from the AMAs? There's usually something going on that doesn't make the broadcast; usually something juicy, too!

Well, no firm confirmation on what exactly happened here, but it sure sounds like comedian/presenter Sarah Silverman got a bit of the shaft Sunday evening.

Silverman didn't expound on this, so we may never know what exactly she was going to say. However, it's hard to believe she could top what she actually delivered when she presented the award for Soul/R&B Album...which consisted of her dryly pointing out that two of the three nominees in the category were white...which led winner Justin Timberlake to crack a return joke about having never been racially profiled by a white woman before. Ah, all in a night.

The 2013 American Music Awards were held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 24, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.