2006 SXSW Flashback: Lady Sovereign

Lyndsey Parker

South By Southwest kicks off this week with a mind-boggling lineup of amazing music, carrying on the Austin festival's tradition established way back in 1987. So we're looking back ourselves, at some of the amazing performances Yahoo! Music shot during our many past rock 'n' roll pilgrimages to Texas.

One of the standout acts of SXSW 2006 was no doubt bratty British rapper Lady Sovereign, who was in Austin to promote her much-hyped debut album. Looking like a pop star from the top of her cornrowed head to the tips of her Adidas shell-toes when she showed up at Yahoo! Music's pop-up Austin headquarters that year, Cedar Creek Studio, she immediately fell in with the Y! crew. When she wasn't rocking the mic, she practiced soccer kicks with a discarded rock, attacked our junk-food-laden craft services table with the gusto of a starving raccoon, or best yet, coaxed a crowd of curious neighborhood children into a nearby field for an impromptu game of stickball. She certainly knew how to keep herself and everyone around her entertained, and years later, her SXSW performance from that day is still supremely, randomly entertaining. Enjoy:

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