10 Songs That Mention Muhammad Ali

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There have been a lot of memorable characters in the history of boxing. Probably more than in any other sport. But no boxer has made as big an impact on the popular culture as Muhammad Ali, and he did so with both his fists and his mouth. Sports Illustrated named Ali the Sportsman of the Century in 1999 and it would be hard to make an argument against their selection.

To watch Muhammad Ali box was a thing of beauty, he was able to combine his incredible sense of space, his quickness, and his strength to bring down giants like they were but helpless children. He was also a controversial figure because of the cocky rhyme-speak he used to taunt opponents and brag about his skills. But also because of his involvement with the Nation of Islam and his refusal to fight in a war he considered unjust.

The passing of time has only made Muhammad Ali a more beloved figure as he publicly battled Parkinson's syndrome. We don't know how much longer he'll be with us, but he certainly was "The Greatest".

This playlist includes 10 songs that mention Muhammad Ali.

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10 Songs That Mention Muhammad Ali

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