10 Racy Britney Spears Music Video Moments We'll Never Forget

Stop The Presses!

"Work B---h" is the commanding new dance single from Britney Spears, and by the looks of her physique in the official music video, she's been taking her own orders in the gym. Here, the pop princess gives it her all in a barely-there bikini made of metal. It's the perfect getup for her latest sexy comeback, and it's got us looking at some of her edgiest moments of videos past. Below are 10 that will take some major work to forget  not that we'd ever want to. These music video frames are the stuff of pop-star magic that dates back nearly 16 years. Watch and learn:

1. Work B---h (2013)
Spears shakes it and gets her silver and gold fringe flying in the official clip for "Work B---h." The video proves that even after bearing two sons and providing her vocals to a questionable Smurfs 2 theme song, she can still bring the heat. Cue glammed-out desert wilderness and a mafia of leather-covered backup dancers to top it all off.

2. Toxic (2003)
A decade prior to a certain unclothed romp on a swinging wrecking ball, it was all about Spears's bedazzled bodysuit, as seen in her video for "Toxic." In the official clip, she writhed in a garment that created the illusion of full-fledged nudity, save for a handful of strategically placed rhinestones.

4. Toxic (2003)
The video for "Toxic" also featured an airborne tush-tease from a flight-attendant Britney that had viewers grabbing for their oxygen masks. This brief moment was the perfect example of Britney's ability to seduce the camera, 10 whole years before 2013's takeover of the "twerk."

5. I'm a Slave 4 U (2001)
The sheer sexiness in this red-hot video could mostly be attributed the raw passion that was visible in her every move. With each twist and turn, it was clear that she really is a slave "for you"  and it wasn't hard to realize that the "you" in question must have been the music pulsating straight through Spears.

6. My Prerogative (2004)
She may have just risen from bed and is still in her underthings, but Spears, as seen in the video for "My Prerogative," was pretty serious about the haters getting all up in her grill. All drama aside, Spears spun Bobby Brown's hit into a sultry, empowering demand for privacy, and its music video matched the fierceness of her remake perfectly.

7. Womanizer (2008)
Enter a sauna sans clothing in some neighborhoods, and you'll likely get a towel thrown your way and some disapproving glances. But in the magical world of music videos, Spears reigns supreme so when she appeared fully nude in the official clip for 2008's "Womanizer," all eyes were on her. Funny how that works.

8. Do Somethin' (2005)
The racy awesomeness of Britney's performance in her "Do Somethin'" video wasn't due to her gyrations in black underwear and a fur coat. It was due to her mad air-guitar skills while wearing said underwear and fur coat. Who knew she could shred it? "Do Somethin'" wasn't one of Spears's biggest hits, but it was certainly one of her fiercest.

9. Gimme More (2007)
The clip for the original track that coined the infamous exclamation "It's Britney, b---h!" featured a whole new side of Britney for her album Blackout. Under violet neon lighting, the star donned a long jet black wig while attempting to pole dance. Her performance was passable  but most importantly, she appeared happy as a clam throughout her entire striptease.

10. ...Baby, One More Time (1998)
Pigtails, schoolgirl uniforms, and a bunch of dance moves that would get most girls tossed out of the classroom made Britney's first music video the pinnacle of racy music video history. This button-pushing clip would set a gold standard for a controversial career to follow  making this one possibly her best edgy vid ever.