#1 Hits In Gemany: 1968

Robert of the Radish
The Y! Music Playlist Blog (NEW)

As you may have noticed, the Y! Music Playlist blog has been on hiatus for a while. This is actually due to some good news! As you may have heard, Yahoo! has a new partnership with Spotify, the music streaming service from Sweden that is taking the world by storm.

As you would expect, the playlists included here will now be Spotify playlists. This is great news since I can now embed a Spotify player right in each blog post, and you'll even be able to listen without being a premium Spotify member. Although as a premium member you won't be presented with ads between songs.

I'm getting ready for a trip to Germany this week and so it is Germany that's inspired this, my first Spotify playlist for the Y! Music Playlist blog. I decided to build a playlist of all the #1 songs in Germany on the year is was born. I was surprised to see more English language songs than those sung in German.

Now, who can make some local food and site suggestions for the Rhine Valley?

#1 Hits In Gemany: 1968

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