'True Blood' Recap: Bon Temps Is Hit With Two Deaths

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The episode "Don't You Feel Me" in a nutshell:

What happened:

  • Sookie and Warlow get closer — much closer
  • Eric discovers the camp's sinister secret
  • Arlene schemes to disrupt Terry's suicide plan

Body count: 2 VIPs; many others

Nudity count: 2

New people and places: Matt, Holly's vampire friend

Best line: "So you's a vampire that can come out in the daytime? There go the damn neighborhood." — Lafayette

What's the deal with ... Terry's safety deposit box? What's in there?


"True Blood" cannot be accused of moving too slowly. All of the current storylines ramped up to a higher level this week, with two deaths raising the stakes (so to speak).

One of those deaths is a sad moment, a long time in the making, while the other is a "hell yeah!" kind of surprise.

And no, neither death involves Eric or Pam in their "Gladiator"-style duel. Whew!

Eric, Pam, Nora, and Willa

Big, long stakes in hand, a floating Eric and Pam warily circle each other as the governor and Sarah watch with glee. And then, they attack — but not each other! Instead, they open up two panels and stake waiting guards against the observation glass. The stake punches a hole in it, which Eric peers through. "I see you, Steve Newlin," Eric tells the quivering vamp.

More guards rush in and Eric and Pam drop their stakes. He's locked up in a cage, when Burrell comes charging in. The governor taunts him about dying a slow true death, then brings in a tied-up Nora. Uh oh … seems Burrell is going to get revenge for Willa by torturing Nora in front of her brother!

A doctor injects Nora with some kind of golden serum. They leave, and Eric is forced to watch as Nora suffers. "I'll see Godric again," she says sadly, blood dripping out of her eyes.

Not quite yet, Eric says. Then, he summons Willa, who's convinced her father to put her in with the general population and is playing Connect Four with Tara. Willa seduces and glamours an innocent guard, and busts Eric and Nora out of their cell.

Disguised as the guard, Eric leads Nora and Willa through the camp's hallways. Then, he enters a room — it's where they're making Tru Blood. And it seems that all the new bottles are being contaminated with that killer serum. So, this is the governor's plan! It's a pretty clever and diabolical one.

Jason, Sarah, and Jessica

At the LAVTF headquarters, Jason is passing their entrance interview with flying colors. All that time he's spent with vampires is coming in handy — he knows all the tricks of the vampire-killing trade.

He's accepted into the squad, when Sarah Newlin discovers his presence. But Jason threatens to expose their affair to the governor if she breathes a word about his mission to save Jessica.

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Unfortunately, Sarah is one manipulative, uh, witch, and brings Jason into an observation room to watch the "copulation study." A hunky male vampire is waiting, but who will be the female participant? Why, Jessica, of course!

A horrified Jason watches from behind the glass as Jessica is brought into the room. She refuses at first, but when they zap the guy (James) with UV light, she starts taking off her clothes.

But James is a gentleman. "You don't deserve this," he says. Both James and Jessica are zapped with UV light, and Jess is hauled off.

Poor Jason looks tortured, while Sarah just smiles her evil smile. We can't wait for Blondie to get her comeuppance!

Sam, Nicole, and Alcide

As Sam prepares to leave the motel, Nicole calls him out on his plan. How long can Sam keep running? And what kind of life is this for Emma?

Sam realizes she's right (finally), and calls up Martha. He makes Martha promise not to rejoin the pack, then says a tearful goodbye to Emma. His last link to Luna is gone.

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Later, at a gas station, Alcide catches up to Sam and Nicole. Sam pleads for Alcide to let them go — he's given Emma to her grandmother, and Nicole isn't going to be exposing any supernaturals. At first, Alcide looks like he's going to go all wolf on Sam, but then backs down. If Sam doesn't show his face ever again in Bon Temps, they can go free. But what's going to happen to Merlotte's?!


Warlow still has a knife to Prof. Takahashi's neck, when Bill senses Sookie is in danger (she's being drowned by Lafayette/Corbett, if you recall). He lets Warlow go save her.

Then, Bill discovers that Jessica is missing and realizes that the vision he saw of her, Eric, Pam, and others in the UV room is coming true. He wants some answers from Lilith and forces Takahashi to put him into a coma so he can commune with her again. But when he does, she only says that she's disappointed in him. Stop coming to me for answers, Lilith says. Fight the tyrant.

Rousing from his coma, Bill sees a news report about the production of Tru Blood. He drinks some of Warlow's blood to be able to day-walk, and heads over to the governor's mansion.

After making the guards shoot each other, Bill demands to know about the white circular room he's seen his daughter, Jessica, in. Burrell snaps back that his own daughter was taken from him, and that he's prepared to die a martyr for his cause — the extinction of the vampire race.

That pisses Bill off, so he coolly pulls Burrell's head off. Yup, he just plucks it right off his body, and sets it down. We've seen some crazy deaths, but that was pretty badass.

So long, governor.

Sookie and Warlow

Lafayette/Corbett is drowning Sookie, and she's about to give out when Warlow rushes in to save her.

He blasts Corbett's spirit out of Lafayette's body, and Sookie tells her no-good daddy to leave her alone for good.

Suddenly, Warlow feels a pull — it's Bill, summoning him back. But Sookie has an idea! They join hands, creating a bright light and jump to faerie land (remember, where Claudette used to take her). They will be safe there.

Well, not quite. Even though it's always daytime in faerie land, Warlow can still feel night coming. And when that happens, his vampire urges will take over. He doesn't want to hurt Sookie, so he asks her to tie him up.

They have a little chat about the contract and Warlow's intentions. He says if she becomes his faerie vampire queen, they can go wherever they want and survive by feeding on each other. That's all well and good, but Sookie points out the hitch in that plan — she'd have to become a vampire. And she doesn't want that.

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And then some switch seems to flip inside her. Sookie wonders if she should just accept that she's a "danger whore" who attracts (and is attracted to) certain kinds of guys. So, she offers up her neck to Warlow and bites his in return. Then, she undresses Warlow, strips off her clothes, and climbs on top of him. As Lafayette might say: Girl, has you gone crazy?!

When they have sex, a bright light forms between their bodies. Uh, did we just see a little faerie babe being conceived?

Terry, Arlene, Andy, Holly, and Lafayette

Andy's only remaining faerie daughter wakes up and has a request: She wants a name. Yeah, No. 4 isn't going to work. Holly prompts him to start with "A" — so he names her Adeline.

But Adeline wants four names, to remember her dead sisters by. So, she becomes Adeline Braelin Charlene Danica.

Meanwhile, Terry drops by Lafayette's house. He wants Lafayette to hold onto a key to his safety deposit box. Oh no, Terry really is getting ready to die.

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Arlene realizes this, too, after Lafayette tattles on Terry. How can she stop this from happening? Holly has a brilliant idea: Her vampire friend, Matt, can glamour Terry to forget about the whole thing! Matt convinces Terry that he was never in the army or a war, and that he's just a loving father, husband, and cook.

It totally works — but what Arlene doesn't realize is that Terry had set up an assassination plan with his old army pal, Justin. Now, Terry has forgotten all about it, and goes about his business at Merlotte's without a care in the world.

But when he takes out the trash, a shot rings out. Arlene rushes out and sees her husband bleeding from the neck. Oh no!

As tears fall from her eyes, Arlene cradles Terry's body. She sings "Mockingbird" to him until his eyes become lifeless.

RIP, Terry.

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