#FBF: Watch Shakira Talk About Her Life's Turning Point, Her Undercover UCLA Class

Tiffany Lee
Yahoo Music

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It's Friday, you guys and time for a particularly sweet #FBF! We dug up our favorite interview with international singing (and sing contest-judging) sensation Shakira from the Yahoo archives. Shot in 2009 at the Yahoo Music studios, it is amazing to see how humble the singer is when talking about her work, even becoming bashful when asked if she considers her job title as "artist."

What's also amazing? Shakira's twisty dreadlock braid things!

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Shakira talks about how her family went bankrupt when she was a child and seeing the realities of others struggling with poverty drove her to write music. The singer also reveals how she managed to take a History class under the radar at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her thoughts on the future. Given the interview was about five years ago, she definitely proved herself to be "restless"!

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