Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys Battle Over Team Miley Contestant on ‘The Voice’

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One performance stood out from the rest during another round of battles on The Voice Monday night. Team Miley members Aaron Gibson and Sa’Rayah left everything on the stage as they crushed a performance of Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart’s song “I’ll Take Care of You.” All the coaches loved the performance and Miley struggled with the difficult decision of who won the battle and remained on her team.

After careful consideration, Miley announced that Aaron was the winner, leaving Sa’Rayah up to possibly be stolen by another coach. As Sa’Rayah was walking off the stage, Blake Shelton hit his buzzer, which was quickly followed up by Alicia Keys hitting her buzzer. With both coaches wanting to steal Sa’Rayah, the choice was, once again, up to her. The soulful singer was having trouble deciding, so Adam Levine thought he’d help by sharing his opinion, saying, “I’m not saying pick Alicia, but I’m just saying, don’t pick Blake.” Sa’Rayah ended up taking Adam’s advice and chose Alicia as her coach.

Blake took the rejection personally as he joked that Alicia was targeting him, saying, “It’s becoming a theme around here, Alicia swoops in and she steals whoever I’m after. I’m starting to think that she hates me.”

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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