Black Friday Almost Shuts ‘Superstore’ Down

Superfan TV

It’s that time of year again when cheerful holiday spirit gets trampled by the temptation of low, low prices at stores across America. Black Friday is just around the corner, but on Thursday night’s fall finale of Superstore, the biggest shopping day of the year threatened to shut the store down.

In the spirit of sharing, the staff had a pre-opening potluck to fill their bellies before the madness started. Unfortunately, they ran into some bad luck: one of the potluck dishes got everyone sick. As if the crazy customers weren’t enough, the staff made constant visits to the bathroom. The rampant illness was too much for the employees to handle, so they threw in the towel and abandoned the store.

That’s when the unlikeliest of heroes stepped up and saved the day. Garrett refused to give up, saying that he has always done the bare minimum to not get fired, but he refused to do less than that. Garrett said, “So I’m gonna get out there, and I’m gonna finish my shift. And yeah, I’m gonna cut corners, and I’m gonna phone it in, but it’ll never be said that Garrett McNeill did not do just enough to not get fired!”

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. 

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