‘Billy On the Street’ Tells People Seth Rogen is Dead, In Front of Seth Rogen

Superfan TV

Seth Rogen joined Billy Eichner on Tuesday’s episode of Billy On the Street for a fun game of “Death Rogen.” Billy would go up to people and tell them that Seth Rogen passed away, while Seth was holding one of the cameras behind them. Billy tried to get people to share their feelings about Seth, and then he surprised them with the fact that Seth was standing right in front of them.

The reactions from people were mixed. Some people were upset, some people had never heard of Seth, and some people were just huge fans of Billy. One lady told Billy how much she loved him, and then he made it awkward by asking who she thought was funnier between him and Seth. When she said, “Oh my god, you! I don’t think he’s funny at all,” Billy revealed that Seth was standing right there. The lady didn’t apologize, though, she just explained that she didn’t like stoner humor.