‘Bachelor’ Couple Ben & Lauren Call Off Their Wedding

Superfan TV

There was trouble in Bachelor paradise on Tuesday's Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? The couple went to counseling to try to fix some of the problems the two have been having. Ben broke down in tears when talking about their upcoming wedding. He said, "I don't want us to rush it. I don't want us to jump into something we're both still figuring out. I wanna have the issues now and understand them now."

Lauren felt hurt, considering that she's made sacrifices like moving to Denver and switching jobs for him.

To help guide them through the fright of a wedding, the two were asked to put on wedding clothes. That was too much for been and he called the wedding off.

Luckily, the Ben and Lauren met up with a couple who'd been together for 70 years and the two learned that they should put each other first and give each other the time they need to come around on the engagement.