Barry Gibb and Jimmy Fallon Perform Fall Themed Bee Gees Duet

Superfan TV

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Barry Gibb joined Jimmy Fallon in recreating a classic children’s TV show segment that they called “Silouette Singing”

The singer came on the show to promote his first album in 32 years, ‘Here In The Now,’ and sang the title track, but joined in for a little schoolyard fun with Fallon.

For the segment, Fallon dressed up as Barry Gibb from the 1970’s, while Barry dressed up as himself today, as he’s in his 70’s. The two sang head to head, sounding out words, just like on The Electric Company.

At the start of the song, they sounded out simple words, but after awhile they spiced up the song with some classic BeeGees riffs.

All of the words had a fall motif, and for the end of the song, they remade a classic Halloween song to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.