Amy Schumer Disses Donald Trump During Tampa Stand-Up Show


During the Tampa, Florida pit stop of Amy Schumer's recent live tour, some of the crowd turned on the comedian for her comments about presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, attendees booed Schumer, resulting in about 200 people storming out of the venue over her mocking of the GOP candidate. "So tell me why Trump has your vote," she asked a Trump supporter who she welcomed onto the stage. He later admitted that he wasn't voting in favor of Trump, but "voting against Hillary," which prompted Schumer to abruptly dismiss the Trump supporter off-stage. "That was just cool to hear what one guy, who doesn't seem like a psychopath, why he would want to vote for that orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starter monster," she proclaimed to the crowd. 

When I heard that Amy Schumer called Trump "orange". @realDonaldTrump try grabbing her -- now!

- Shuja Rabbani (@ShujaRabbani) October 17, 2016

Watch Amy Schumer diss Donald Trump below.