'Aladdin' Musical Takes #MannequinChallenge to a Whole New World: Watch


The case of Broadway's musical rendition of Aladdin is the latest to get in on the Mannequin Challenge, taking fans backstage of the production. 

In it, the cast poses perfectly still in a variety of silly poses. Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" isn't featured in this one (it's silent), which may be a good thing depending on your opinion of the song as it's exploded up the charts thanks to it's popular inclusion in these viral videos. 

Watch the Aladdin musical's Mannequin Challenge here:

Our #MannequinChallenge was pretty splendid, wouldn't ya say? pic.twitter.com/uf3VDg5IXr

- Aladdin (@aladdin) November 14, 2016