7 Uplifting Songs for Your Post-Election Hangover


This election certainly was a doozy. Whether your candidate won or lost, chances are you woke up yesterday morning (Nov. 9) feeling like you broke every "liquor before beer, you're in the clear" rule you were ever taught in college. Here are 7 uplifting songs that will be even better than Advil for curing your election hangover.

Holy War - Alicia Keys

"Maybe we should love somebody, maybe we should care a little more."

Fresh off of her newly released album HERE, Alicia Keys' "Holy War" soulfully addresses issues from sexuality to race and calls for us to all to love and accept one another, instead of building walls out of fear. She even took to Instagram yesterday to post a black-and-white video of herself singing a snippet of the track acapella. 

Heroes - David Bowie

"We can be heroes, forever and ever"

David Bowie's classic 1977 track gives you that "top of the world" feeling, and makes you feel like nothing is impossible. 

The Greatest - Sia

"I see another mountain to climb / But I, I, I got stamina"

Everybody needs a good motivational track that they can also throw their hands up and dance to. This is the one: Sia and Kendrick Lamar join forces to create the ultimate inspirational track to remind us that we're stronger than we may sometimes feel. 

Come to Mama - Lady Gaga

"There's gonna be no future / If we don't figure this out"

Mother Monster is here for us. "Come to Mama" is an upbeat track with a message of unity and pushing BS aside to come together, one that we could all use after the last couple days. Go Lady Gaga. 

Freedom - Beyonce

"I'ma keep running / Cause a winner don't quit on themselves"

This mega-powerful track from Queen Bey and Kendrick Lamar is a head-bopping reminder not to quit.

Angels - Chance the Rapper feat. Saba 

"Wear your halo like a hat, that's like the latest fashion / I got angels all around me they keep me surrounded"

Chance the Rapper is forever the champion of positive outlooks, and getting his messages across using optimism and upbeat productions. 

Let It Be - The Beatles

"Whisper words of wisdom, let it be"

What uplifting songs collection would be complete without at least one song from The Beatles? This timeless track is the perfect ballad to take deep breaths to and calm your nerves.