5 Favorite Moments From Episode 2 of 'Switched at Birth'

Erin Kim
Yahoo! TV

ABC Family's series "Switched at Birth" aired its second episode of the season, "Distorted House," last night. Here are five highlights to recap the dramatic chapter.

5. Honesty is cool. #BayForgaveTy.

"Switched at Birth" is clicking refresh with Bay and Ty's relationship. Tough memories from the military come back to Ty as he reveals a tattoo. We loved how truthful he was about the fact that "bad stuff happens to girls out there" in the military. It's worth noting, and "SAB" maturely noted it.

4. #QuestionsNotToAsk

"Is it possible to get herpes from a movie?" Sure, it's a little out of context and a question that probably didn't have to be asked. Bay, we're looking at you and #smh-ing.

3. Tennis brings out your true colors.

We won't forget Kathryn shouting at Daphne, "Take some responsibility."

Just so you know, apparently Katie Leclerc, who plays Daphne, is no tennis player in real life.

2. But cooking does the trick to tame the fire.

Kathryn said, "Our tennis needs work, but we're gonna rule at doubles lasagna."

And speaking of food, Leclerc tweeted her craziest meal on set:

1. Don't know what to do? Just dance.

The episode closed with Bay, Angelo, and Regina swinging their hips and simultaneously winning the audience's hearts. If you want to charm fans, just close with the family getting their tango on.

On Tumblr, viewers heaped some hate on Daphne, but this scene inspired hope for them to keep watching.

Watch the full episode:

"Switched at Birth" airs Mondays at 8 PM on ABC Family.