'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Trust exercises

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"The Vampire Diaries" -- "Into the Wild"
"Into the Wild" -- Nina Dobrev as Elena (back to camera) and Claire Holt as Rebekah

Sometimes you have to place your trust in your mortal (or immortal) enemy.

The motley crew searching for Silas's tomb is wary and suspicious of each other. Rebekah and Elena, in particular, have every reason to distrust each other. Rebekah's tried to kill Elena a few times, Elena just killed Rebekah's brother. And it doesn't help that Stefan's involved.

But in the end, they have to learn to rely on each other if they're going to find the cure.

Into the woods

The gang arrives by boat to an island off Nova Scotia where Silas's tomb is located. Rebekah's giving Elena the stink eye for killing her brother. "Looks like someone forgot her team-building exercises," Damon quips.

Bonnie's pawing Jeremy's tattoo (wouldn't you?), and he asks Shane what the hunter's purpose is now. All will be explained later.

Shane tells them a creepy story about how he found a magic well and bled into it. He saw his dead wife standing over him -- his blood let him see her again.

Suddenly, an archer is aiming for Jeremy when an unseen person takes the archer out. Who the hell else is out there?

They make camp, though Damon wants to keep going. Shane wonders why he wants it, since he has the most to lose. Elena protests, saying the cure won't change her feelings for him. But it will change -- for the better -- their friends' lives. She kisses him, but he still looks troubled.

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Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler checks on Klaus, who's pissed and ready to explode. He notes that if they get what they want and cure him, Tyler will be cured, too. Then Klaus taunts Tyler. "Your mother was a fighter, too," he snarls. Ouch!

Caroline comes over, and Klaus tells her to call Bonnie to let him out. He reminds her that her mother invited her in. She still resists when, suddenly, he impales her, drags her into his invisible box, and bites her.

Hunting for the hunter

Rebekah and Stefan chat by the fire. She asks if he'll take the cure because he wants a normal life with Elena -- marriage, kids. "If I take the cure it wouldn't be for her, it'd be for me," he says.

Shane confesses to Bonnie that his wife tried to bring his son back after the car accident. She's shocked -- his wife was a witch? And even more, now he's teaching her the magic that destroyed her? Oh, it gets worse ... to keep Bonnie alive, they need Shane to be alive.

Over in his tent, Jeremy sits up, hearing noises. Suddenly, someone kidnaps him!

In the morning, everyone realizes he's gone, so Bonnie decides to do a locator spell with Shane and Damon keeping watch. Meanwhile, Elena, Stefan, and Rebekah will look for him.

Elena and Rebekah are snarking at each other. Rebekah says she tried to be her friend. "Until you tried to kill me," Elena shoots back. Just then a trap full of stakes springs up, but Rebekah's quick reflexes prevent them from driving into Elena's heart.

Back at camp, Shane is recounting more of the story about seeing his dead wife, when Damon realizes he needs massacre No. 3. "Tell me where this magical well is," he demands. Shane won't.

Damon starts to torture him, but then Elena shows up and frees him. He's the only thing keeping Bonnie safe, she reminds him. "I don't care about her. I don't care about a lame-ass cure for vampires, either," he replies. "I don't want you to be cured."

She again reassures him that the cure won't change her love. He should take the cure along with her. Damon used to want to be human again, but now he can't think of anything more awful.

Trust me

In Mystic Falls, Tyler begs Klaus to heal Caroline. He offers himself up as Klaus's slave again. But the Original won't take the deal, so Tyler takes her away. He apologizes for starting this whole thing by turning the hybrids against Klaus. Then he has an idea ... and brings her back to Klaus. Watch her die, Tyler dares.

Klaus looks sadly at Caroline. If he saves her, Tyler wins. So he just watches her dying. She wonders how he can do this to Tyler, to his own mother, to her.

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"I'm a thousand years old. Call it boredom," he shrugs.

He's in love with her, she says, and anyone capable of love is capable of being saved. Klaus shudders and looks affected by her words. She starts to spasm, and he can't take it anymore. He bites his wrist and feeds Caroline his blood. Tenderly, Klaus strokes her hair.

Back at camp, Rebekah is tearing through Elena's tent. The tombstone's gone -- Shane's taken it. Rebekah still can't trust Elena, so Elena gives her a peace offering: one of the white oak stakes. Everyone else is gone; the three of them need to work together to find the cure.

In the woods, Bonnie's locator spell brings her to Shane, Jeremy, and his captor, a witch. "Silas awaits," Shane says.

Elsewhere, Damon is lurking in the woods when he's hit by an arrow and then jumped by a mysterious man. Damon spots a tattoo on the man's hand. "You're one of the five!" he exclaims.

The hunter breaks Damon's neck and looms over him.

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