'The Face' sneak peek: Modeling newbie takes a verbal beating on set [Exclusive video]

Yahoo! TV

The aspiring models on "The Face" -- Oxygen's answer to "America's Next Top Model" -- are learning the hard way that this cutthroat industry is more high pressure than it is high glam. And while these pretty ladies might be the ones wearing those couture threads, the real power goes to the stylists, photographers, set directors, and all the other business-minded folks who make the fashion world go 'round.

In this exclusive clip, modeling neophyte Stephanie Lalanne ("The Face" casting call was her first-ever audition) gets a verbal beating while trying to pose for an accessories-based camera challenge. After taking too long in the accessories closet -- and ending up with only a pair of sunglasses to show for it -- she strikes a series of unfortunate poses. Coco Rocha, her supermodel mentor, tries to playfully defend Stephanie and her teammates, but this shoot's queen-of-mean set director is no-nonsense.

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"It's too forced. I don't like the styling. We have a wall full of amazing accessories here. She could have had a belt. She could have had a bag," the set director says to host Nigel Barker. "Like, what is that?" she says, pointing at Stephanie. "She's acting, not modeling. She's just trying too hard. It's really hard for me to watch this."

The worst part is that Stephanie could probably hear all these harsh remarks while trying to work it for the lens. Rocha was definitely not pleased, saying, "Miss Thing over here was just throwing out comments." Well, all's fair in love and fashion.

To find out if Stephanie and her face make it to the next round, watch "The Face" on Tuesday, 3/5 at 9 PM on Oxygen.