$10,000 Bentley skis, for ballers and Bond villains only

Yahoo! Autos Canada

Bentley, which, it's fair to say, already dominates the toys-for-oligarchs end of the super-luxury market, extends the franchise with this latest release – a pair of limited-edition designer skis priced at over $10,000. The skis, designed and built by the elite Swiss ski brand zai AG, launched recently at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the new Flying Spur.

The ‘zai for Bentley’ skis will be limited to just 100 pairs, available in classic snow white and Bentley green colours. Features include an integrated spring steel diamond motif inspired by Bentley’s signature matrix grille, and the Bentley ‘Flying B’ logo on the tips.

            —A full gallery of zai for Bentley's $10,000 skis

Each pair of the takes over 30 man-hours to build, and includes unique materials such as a natural rubber upper surface for improved dampening, high speed nano-base coating and edge surrounds of stainless steel. The natural rubber surface alone costs the same amount as some professional race skis.

“Bentley and zai share a philosophy of power, craftsmanship and uncompromising build quality,” said Simon Jacomet, ski designer and founder of zai skis. “The zai for Bentley has been designed from scratch with our common DNA running through it. So it looks fantastic and boasts incredible handling, power and performance, as a Bentley should.”

Now go ahead and watch these three clips of men in black ski suits on important missions. Of Bond and Bentley, which is fantasy and which reality? And would you buy one?

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