Joaquin Phoenix’s Forehead-Face Will Freak You Out

Gwynne Watkins

You know you’re watching a masterful actor when even a single body part can convey emotion. Take Joaquin Phoenix, for example. Phoenix earned much acclaim for his work in 2013’s Her, playing a lonely introvert in love with a computer operating system. Yet somehow, audiences overlooked the brilliant performance delivered by his…forehead. A few days ago, someone realized that rotating a smartphone camera to capture a moment from Her revealed a second, heretofore hidden face of the actor. This person uploaded this clip to YouTube and shared his discovery of this ingenious bit of close-up acting with the world. Here’s the scene in its original form for for comparison’s sake:

The fan-made clip has been climbing the ranks on Reddit, where commenters are having fun trying to identify Joaquin’s forehead-face lookalikes. His expressive pate has been compared to Robin Williams, the baby from Dinosaurs, Lord Voldemort, and Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes, among others. It has also inspired several pieces of fan art. We dare say, it may be more popular than that other famed Joaquin Phoenix body part: his I’m Still Here-era beard