Yoko Ono unveils lotus-petal sculpture in Chicago park

Associated Press
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Yoko Ono speaks during the dedication ceremony for her permanent art installation, a sculpture called SKYLANDING, Monday, Oct. 17, 2016, in Chicago. SKYLANDING is Ono's first permanent public art installation in the United States. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

CHICAGO (AP) — Artist-singer Yoko Ono has unveiled her first permanent public installation in the U.S. in a Chicago park that will be home to President Barack Obama's library.

Ono on Monday unveiled "SKYLANDING" in Jackson Park on the city's South Side. The work has 12 large steel lotus petals that emerge from the ground.

Ono says the artwork is "place where the sky and earth meet and create a seed to learn about the past and come together to create a future of peace and harmony, with nature and each other."

The idea for the sculpture started when Ono visited the area during a cherry blossom tree installation three years ago.

The Obama Foundation in July said the presidential library would be built in Jackson Park.